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Swimming Pool Construction
Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services & Supplies,
Boise, ID

A lot of people imagine building their dream swimming pool without considering what it takes to keep a pool in exceptional condition for decades after construction. Even if Superior Pools designs and constructs the most beautiful backyard oasis for you, some maintenance will be required to keep it that way. If you hire the right pool cleaner and come to the right pool supply store, that maintenance is easier and simpler than you'd expect.

At Superior Pools of Idaho, we are happy to offer not only premier swimming pool cleaning services, but also the advantage of a physical retail store where you can drop by for swimming pool water testing, chemicals, spot cleaning supplies, and even discuss hiring one of our pool tile or pool equipment repair services if you have more serious damage to handle. Whatever your swimming pool needs, you can call (208) 971-6644 for help.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services and Supplies 

Some of the most common swimming pool maintenance items include:
  • Regular Cleaning: Not only do you not want to swim in a dirty pool, but the aggregation of certain algae, bacteria, and debris can actually cause significant damage to your pool. By engaging a regular cleaning service with Superior Pools, you don't have to lift a finger while professional, uniformed technicians make sure your pool is sparklingly clean when you're ready to enjoy it. Call (208) 971-6644 to arrange for routine pool cleaning.
  • Pool Water Chemistry: The water in your pool may appear crystal clear, but if the pH balance and chemical make-up are not monitored and maintained, your pool water may be silently eroding your tile or fiberglass swimming pool. Our technicians will regularly test and log your pool chemistry when they come for cleanings, or you can bring water samples to our retail store where you can also buy the necessary chemicals to keep your pool balanced.
  • Inspecting Pool Equipment: From pool pumps and filters to automatic pool vacuums to a simple (but essential) pool skimmer, Take inventory of your pool's equipment periodically to make sure it is doing its job. By keeping those parts in working order, you can avoid costly repairs down the line.
  • Buying and Maintaining a Pool Cover: Superior Pools' staff are the Treasure Valley's finest consultants regarding pool covers for maintenance and for safety. A well-fitting pool cover can protect your pool from the elements and even prevent some safety hazards for children and pets. Speak with a Superior Pools expert today to learn more about your options. If you already have a pool cover, but it is damaged, you can still reach out to us for pool cover repair.
Enjoying the Pool
Enjoying the Pool

Whatever your pool maintenance concerns, Superior Pools of Idaho is here to assist. Our experts are eager to help you get the most out of your personal, neighborhood, or commercial swimming pool, with the least amount of stress for you. Give us a call at (208) 971-6644 or contact us here to build a maintenance plan that will protect your pool investment.

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