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Deep Pool Cleaning
Deep Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance Company, Boise, ID

Superior Pools is a long-standing resource for swimming pool supplies in the Boise, ID area. Between our on-site technicians who provide pool cleaning services and our pool and hot tub supply store, we can provide all the necessities to build and maintain swimming pools and spas throughout Boise's four seasons.

When you've already got a swimming pool, whether it's an above-ground or below-ground pool, Superior Pools is here to provide the repairs that will keep your backyard oasis in first-rate condition.

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Residential and Commercial Pool Repair: Common Problems

Education is definitely your friend as a spa or pool owner. When you're aware of the things to watch for, you can catch potential problems and make decisions about repairs early. The earlier a repair is completed, the less severe and more affordable it typically is. Consider Superior Pools to be your personal tutor on these topics.

Some of the more common issues to watch for include:

● Pool Leak Repairs: If you have an unexplained lowering of the water level in your pool or if your water meter rates are inexplicably high, it's worth having the help of a swimming pool expert to diagnose where a leak might be and the best way to repair it. Leaks can be found anywhere from in the pool shell to the plumbing to any other piece of equipment that connects outside of the pool.

● Pool Pump and Motor Repairs: Pool pumps are vital for water circulation and filtration, and there are many moving parts in a pump and motor. Everything from motor bearings to seals to impellers to electrical components should be examined for safety and to determine if the pump or motor can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

● Pool Filter Replacements: General
pool maintenance includes the task of keeping your pool functioning with a clean filter. If your filter suddenly needs to be replaced more often than usual or is getting clogged more frequently with unexpected materials, it can be a sign of deeper problems. The technicians at Superior Pools can help you sort this out.

● Pool Tile and Grout Repair: If you have a tile swimming pool, keeping your tiles and grout in top condition is as important as keeping a leak-free roof on your home. If chipped tiles or crumbling grout begin to take over your pool, every other part can become compromised. A quick call to Superior Pools at 208-971-6644 can resolve this issue and keep your pool beautiful and safe for as long as possible.

● Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs: If you have a vinyl pool, tears or punctures in your vinyl liner are much the same as chipped tiles and crumbling grout. Prompt repairs will save you headaches down the road.

● Pool Cover Repairs: A properly designed pool cover can extend the life of your pool and also reduce the need for more frequent
pool water chemistry adjustments and fewer pool cleaning supplies. If you don't currently have an appropriate pool cover, Superior Pools can help select and install one for you. If you have one that is torn or otherwise unusable, we can also help repair what you have.
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Girl Swimming

Whatever potential swimming pool repairs you're facing, tackling them sooner rather than later can save you a whole lot of grief. Call Superior Pools today at 208-971-6644 or come down to our retail location to get convenient help from experts in Treasure Valley swimming pool maintenance and repair. We offer residential and commercial swimming pool maintenance and repair, as well as hot tub and spa maintenance and repair. We would love to help.

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